• Screen cases for merit
  • Review, organize, summarize, and interpret medical records
  • Streamline content for chronological timelines
  • Identify potential defendants
  • Select the most beneficial types of testifying experts
  • Evaluate and define applicable deviations from Standards of Care
  • Assist with requests for production of relevant policies, procedures, and records
  • Expand medical libraries and more
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Clinical Nurse Consulting

I help patients and families through the overwhelming challenges of a healthcare journey. My compassionate approach will reduce information overload, craft questions for your healthcare team, and interpret the medical jargon that advances your understanding of the diagnosis and its treatment. It is just like having a “nurse in the family”, and I recognize what you need to tackle it all. Together we can make sure you have expanded health literacy and get the quality care you deserve.

  • Provide education
  • Communicate with your healthcare team
  • Coordinate care with providers
  • Evaluate the current or projected patient and family needs
  • Reduce potential readmissions to facilities
  • Increase compliance | adherence to medication and treatment regimens
  • Build more effective office visits
  • Contribute to treatment plan decisions | palliative and hospice care and more

Corporate Nurse Consulting

I strategize with your business needs to standardize best practices in the case management process. I help increase communication by refining documentation skills, growing performance improvement plans, and creating tools to advance efficiency. I can improve patient engagement and audit outcomes that reduce performance variability and improve proficiency; let’s strive for excellence together.

  • Discover learning opportunities that increase performance
  • Author or elevate existing policies related to clinical standard operating procedures
  • Standardize onboarding programs
  • Perform gap analysis of daily clinical operations
  • Coach Supervisors
  • Design curriculum and training centered around business needs
  • Grow Performance Improvement Plans
  • Hone Quality Assurance reviews to improve patient and customer experiences